About Reid Green & Co

Reid Green & Co is a private investment firm that both invests in publicly traded companies and acquires privately held companies. Our Holding company structure allows us to move seamlessly between acquiring high-quality private companies and investing in publicly traded equities displaying similar characteristics of quality.

Public Equities

In public equities we look for high-quality, fast-growth businesses, that have both positive unit economics and scale economics, when they run by great management teams and available at attractive prices.

The bedrock of what we look is companies that can benefit from revenue, margin, and multiple expansion. Our time horizon is typically 3-5 years.

We look situations where the market opportunity is converting into excellent economics for the business, which can then be converted in to returns for shareholders.

Private Acquisitions

In Acquisitions, we focus on acquiring profitable companies facing complex situations or good underlying businesses facing distressed situations where our expertise can add value. We acquire companies with less than £10million in revenue.

Our acquisitions to date have ranged from a distressed electronic security firm that benefited from high switching costs due to long term contracts with the largest fashion houses in the world to an online marketplace benefiting from network effects that helps compliance departments discover regulatory technology solutions.

We seek off-market transactions, there’s no broker involved or the broker has failed to find a suitable buyer, but there the owners have an immediate pressing desire to improve or change their situation.

Our expertise lies in creating 'out of the box' solutions and deal structures in situations which are too complex and difficult for other investors