Reid Green & Co

About Reid Green & Co

Reid Green & Co started as a private investment vehicle to invest in public companies announcing tender offers to return capital to minority shareholders, we later started to invest in small high quality but over looked microcap stocks listed in the Uk. In 2018 we made our first acquisition of a Security systems firm providing installation and maintenance to global fashion brands. Through acquisitions, we built a group of electronic security firms and exited the group in early 2020. Since we have invested in public companies across the world and acquired a software business serving the RegTech and compliance industry.

Today Reid Green & Co is an investment holding company that invests in microcap stocks and acquires small and medium-sized private companies from owners seeking an exit in 90 days or less. Joash Reid leads both our acquisitions and listed investments and has a background in business turnaround, originating mergers and acquisitions, and investment management.

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