Reid Green & Co

Acquisition Criteria

At Reid Green & Co we don’t make one-sided offers and then do the traditional time wasting back and forth dance.

Instead, we focus on getting a true and deep understanding of your business situation and your “ideal scenario” with regards to a potential deal with Reid Green & Co.

Then we sit around a table together to collaborate and create the structure of the deal together point by point. This ensures all key points in the deal and plan meets the needs of all parties.

Reid Green & Co Criteria


We focus on companies with £900,000 to £10million in annual sales

Profit Profile

 From loss making (for turnarounds) up to capex adjusted EBITDA of £600,000


Turnaround - We can work with underperforming companies requiring turnaround due to non-sales related issues, cash-flow problems, creditor pressure or financial distress

Partnering - We can partner with owners and entrepreneurs who wish to position their business for a sale, wants to improve profit and cash generation or is seeking to grow via mergers or acquisitions

Buyouts - We can acquire companies from owners who wish to retire and have no succession plan in place, or from shareholders who wish exit due to disputes or conflicts, other commitments. We will only consider companies with day to day management and where the company is not listed with a broker.

Transaction Structures

Our transactions structures can include ordinary shares, loan notes, preference shares

Transaction Types

We will consider minority, majority and outright acquisitions


We currently focus on companies based in London and the South East


We are broadly sector agnostic, but focus on business services, media services, and industrial services, and generally won't consider physical retail.


We will look at companies with up to 4 shareholders, preferring 1 or 2

Completion Timescales

As we have due diligence capabilities and prepare all legal paperwork in-house we can complete transactions in 30 days or less