Are you tired of missing out on stocks that go on to double or triple?

Founded in 2016, Reid Green & Co is a Value Investing research firm which publishes and distributes reports on deeply undervalued companies, which are listed in the UK and the US.

Value Investing Approach 

In line with traditional value investing Reid Green & Co seeks to identify stocks priced at 50% - 90% discounts to their underlying value. Our return targets are generally 100% - 500% typically over a 1 to 5-year period.

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Investment Research Reports 

We provide actionable, in-depth stock research on undervalued companies to our subscribers. We distribute all reports in a digital format (PDF) directly by email. Our subscribers receive three different types of reports:

  1. Initial Reports on Undervalued Equities – in-depth research and analysis on the highest quality investment ideas we have to offer
  2. Update Reports on Undervalued Equities – progress reports on previous undervalued equities, formatted as developments, price, and course of action
  3. Profiles of high-quality investment candidates– short but focused, assessments on potential low-risk, high return investments ideas
Subscribers receive 6 - 10 stock reports in total per year

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Who Reid Green & Co can help...

The profile of a typical subscriber to our research is a private investor or professional investor who:

  • Has the ability to make their own investment decisions, but doesn’t have the time to look at hundreds of possibilities to find the best investments.
  • Already does investment research for themselves or their clients, but knows they can’t cover everything themselves and will miss good opportunities.
  • Is aspiring to be or already a value investor, who is focused on compounding their capital at high rates and while minimising risk.
  • Is tired of broker reports and financial publications that give endless commentary, news and data on companies, but none of it focused on identifying the best investments.

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