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Reid Green & Co — The Alternative Investor for SME’s

Business owners options changes with the size of their companies

Owners of SME’s and, large companies alike face similar challenges when they want to raise investment, exit or create value in their business.

However large companies typically have more options and more resources to pursue those options with. If they want to raise investment or achieve an exit there are armies of investment bankers and corporate finance advisers to help them do so. They can access both the public and private debt or equity markets with relative ease.

If they wish to create value, turnaround or improve their companies, they can afford and access both the most experienced consultants and talented staff on the market.

They are well catered to.

On the other hand, small and medium-sized businesses with revenue below £10million seeking investment, a sale of the business or to improve their companies often find themselves with options more limited than their larger counterparts and unique situations that limit their options further.

Many small businesses are not investment or exit ready as there are typically consumed by the day to day blocking and tackling of running their businesses, and struggle to find the time or lack the expertise to prepare the business for a transaction or seek out the right investor, buyer or equity partners.

Reid Green & Co helps fill the void for SME’s

Reid Green & Co is a private investment company. We specialise in investing in, acquiring and partnering with sub £10million revenue businesses with limited investment, exit or business improvement options due to complex and unique situations.

We work with profitable companies as well as those facing cash-flow and debt problems.

We help Business Owners, Directors and Shareholders where:

· Paid huge fees and/or had large promises form brokers but still haven’t sold their business in over 12 months of listing.

· The business is successful but there’s no succession or exit plan in place and they want help stepping back from the day to day either now or sometime down the road.

· They want to explore growing by acquisition or positioning the company for a future exit but have no idea where to start.

· They want to grow by unlocking hidden profits, cash-flow and opportunities within the business without risking a change in what’s already working.

· They have great clients, but they want to reduce bank debt, overdrafts or director loans and remove or reduce personal guarantees.

· Or they may just simply want to off-load or share some of their responsibilities with someone else again without breaking the bank on advisors and consultants.

· They want to retire or exit either immediately or some point down the road but want to ensure the customers and employees are going to be looked after by a safe pair of hands to protect the legacy.

· They see opportunities in the business but feel they need help or that another party may be suited to take the business to another level

· They have struggled to raise investment or sell in the past

Reid Green & Co Investment Criteria

As an equity investor focused small established businesses, with limited option due to complex situations which other investors find too challenging, we look for:

· Revenues of £1million to £10million

· Loss-making up to £1million in operating profit

· Management team or general manager in place

· Recurring and predictable revenues

· Room to improve financial controls, operational performance and cash generation

· Sustainable business models

· Established industries with stable demand

We are broadly sector agnostic when selecting acquisition opportunities, although we primarily concentrate on:

· Business Services

· Industrial and engineering

· Media services

· IT and Software

We have a particular interest in:

· Installation & Maintenance of Security Systems

· Cleaning services

· Marketing agencies

· Recruitment

· IT Support

· Enterprise software

We don’t need everything to be perfect at the time of investment. Nor do you need to have all the answers.

Once we’ve had an initial discussion and you have provided basic information on the business, we will sit around a table together to collaborate and create the structure of the deal together point by point. This ensures all key points in the deal and plan meets the needs of all parties.

Want to discuss in person?

If you feel you may benefit from working with us and want to arrange a call on a ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained basis’

Email — [email protected]