Reid green & co offers value investing research publications on deeply undervalued stocks via a subscription service to self-directed investors. Our subscribers receive a small number of high-quality investment insights published as research reports on stocks trading large discounts to the value of the underlying businesses.

Our Subscribers expect to receive:

✓ 2 - 4 Reports per year on stocks trading at 50% to 90% discounts to intrinsic value

✓ 2- 4 Follow-up reports with updates on key developments, price changes, and our hold or sell opinions  

Insights on stocks listed in the UK and US, with market caps of £20 million - £10 billion

Periodic reports profiling high-quality investment candidates (in addition to main reports)

Reports published in digital or Print format (print must be requested)

A steady stream of high quality, timely research and fundamental analysis on undervalued stocks

Value Investing

Our value investing approach is based on finding listed companies whose share prices are deeply depressed and substantially below what the underlying business is worth. Companies become undervalued due to:

  1. Market sell offs, panics and crashes
  2. Complex, misunderstood, overlooked, little known, and unpopular situations
  3. Temporary business distress or industry distress
  4. Institutional constraints and behavior
  5. GAAP accounting rules masking the businesses economic reality

The cornerstone of the approach is made up of our investment criteria and how we seek an advantage.


·         Understandable businesses derived from good reporting and disclosure
·         Good quality companies with strong financial positions
·         Incentivised, capable and shareholder friendly management
·         Price materially below the underlying companies current or future value
·         Good prospects for realising and/or increasing underlying value over long term

How we seek an advantage

  1. Knowing where to look for superior investments
  2. Superior analysis of commonly known information
  3. Having a longer time horizon than other investors

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