Reid Green & Co serves our clients by providing in depth research and analysis on undervalued publically listed companies and special situations which carry the prospect of high returns and low or negligible risk over the medium to long term.

We do not provide advice or direct recommendations, however throughout email alerts, monthly shortlists, and stand alone reports we aim to help by bringing you ideas on above average and superior investments.

Short list of Investment Candidates

Each month our members receive concise profiles on up to 2 investment ideas, which we believe have the potential to be above average investments with muted investment risks. Every month we identify and examine dozens of investment possibilities and only send the most compelling ideas which are potentially being undervalued by the market. In these profiles we give you our initial assessment of the opportunity, giving you a strong starting point for further research.

Core reports on Undervalued Equities

From the dozens of investment ideas we comb through and the few good ideas we find and profile for our members, we occasionally find what we deem high quality ideas and exceptional opportunities. We regards these as undervalued equities, and we provide detailed analysis on the company, which includes what we think the company is worth and potential catalysts that may unlock the value, thus substantially increasing the value of the investment. Real gems are rare by nature, but when we believe we have found one we notify our subscribers in real time.


Once we notify our members of a high quality undervalued equity, we then monitor the activities and performance at the companies and report on any key developments. Updates are structured around 3 key factors, which are developments, price and possible action to take. We first report on how the story at a company has developed in relation to our initial thesis, and then we look at how the price has changed since our initial report. Taking the first two factors to into account we indicated whether we are interested in buying, selling or holding the position.

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