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Reid Green & Co Limited, the investment research firm, would like to announce it will no longer be supplying H20 Markets Limited the London based stock brokerage, with investment research for distribution to its retail client base.

As of January 1st 2017 investment research produced by Reid Green & Co Limited, will now be available through the company directly to private investors and institutions via a subscription service.

The company’s research will continue to have a value orientation and be driven by fundamental analysis. Without the restrictions imposed by the stock brokerage’s mandate, Reid Green & Co Ltd will now have the ability to cover companies listed on the UK AIM markets and companies traded OTC in the US.

Commenting Joash Reid, Reid Green & Co Managing Director, said: “Although parting ways is rarely easy, we believe making our investment research directly available to the broader investing community, our services can become more self selecting to those investors who wish receive information on undervalued companies in line with value investing.

This also signifies the next step in the company’s evolution, and I look forward to reporting on further developments in due course. "



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  1. David Price

    Who are you regulated by?

    • reidgreenco

      Hi David,

      Reid Green & Co’s goal is to share ideas, inform and educate stock investors. We do not provide financial or investment advice and are therefore not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Our views do not constitute a recommendation to buy or sell any investment mentioned.

      On all of our reports we specify that any statement we make is an expression of an opinion and should not be construed as investment advice or a recommendation.

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