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Answers to some common questions people have before joining.

Why do you not publish a model portfolio like other research firms or newsletters?

Generally we are of the opinion that model portfolios are misleading sometimes deliberately but also by default. Although you are seeking good investment ideas, model portfolios not only indicate how good the ideas are but also measure how good the publisher is as a portfolio manager and a trader. This is because model portfolios have rules on when they buy and sell, as well whether they put 2%, 10% or even 20% into an investment. These are portfolio and trading decisions and impact investment returns as much the quality of the investment ideas.

What is the difference between Undervalued Equities and Investment Candidates?

We class an investment candidate as one where were after a preliminary assessment it possesses a number of desirable qualities, such as a low fundamental valuation, assets or growth prospects not reflected in the price, or a pending corporate event. Investment candidates provide a starting point for further research.

In contrast an undervalued equity is an investment idea we conducted thorough research on and concluded the company’s valuation was materially higher than the current stock price. In these cases we think the quality of the company and price of the stock create relatively low investment risk, while carrying the prospect of significant upside.

Are you regulated by the FCA to give investment advice?

Reid Green & Co’s goal is to share ideas, inform and educate value investors. We do not provide financial or investment advice and are therefore not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Our views do not constitute a recommendation to buy or sell any investment mentioned. Investments and income arising from them can fall in value and you may get back less than you originally invested. Before making an investment you should always conduct your own research and/or consult your financial and tax advisers.

How do I use the service to build a portfolio?

There are a variety of ways to make use of our research. Historically when we only published reports on undervalued valued equities, our research was used to supplement an investors own idea generation or to build a portfolio of undervalued equities. Now we have core reports as well as shortlist reports, you can use our research either as an easy way to generate investment ideas or construct a diversified or concentrated portfolio of undervalued companies. Additionally our update reports indicate our buying or selling interest and can be used in making your own buying or selling decisions.

Do you give refunds?

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the service, no refunds are given. Upon becoming a member you are given immediate access to all investment research and analysis as well as the non-tradable right to receive reports over your subscription period. In this case the service is considered delivered and your rights non-tradable so refunds are not possible. However in trying to lower your risk of disappointment we have a free trial, so you can experience the service in advance of making a commitment.

Do you run an investment fund managing other peoples money?

We do not currently manage money on behalf of others. However Reid Green & Co is also a private investment vehicle with the scope to invest in listed and unlisted securities for the benefit of its shareholders. Currently most of Reid Green & Co’s investment activities centre around the undervalued equities covered in our core reports. We may seek to manage outside money on a compensated basis in the future.