News Release

Reid Green & Co Ltd, the investment research firm, would like to announce, that it has formulated and formulised an investment criteria, to aid in the screening and identifying of high quality investment opportunities on behalf of its subscribers.

As of January 3rd 2017 all investment ideas will meet the test of the criteria and will be reported to subscribers in terms of how qualify in terms of the new standards.

The new criterion has 5 elements to it, which are listed below:

  1. Understandable business, comprised of good disclosure and financial reporting
  2. Decent quality business, with a strong or improving financial position
  3. Incentivised, capable, shareholder friendly management
  4. Undervalued shares compared to business value
  5. Good prospects for unlocking or increasing value over time

Commenting Joash Reid, Reid Green & Co Managing Director, said: “The investment ideas we highlighted in 2016, for the most part possessed a number of the qualities highlighted in our announced criteria and a number of ideas we rejected were weak in one or a number of these areas. By having a formal investment criteria we aim to give our subscribers the peace of mind that the ideas we present to them have passed pre-defined standards based on factors than can minimise investment risk.”



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