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Reid Green & Co Ltd, the value orientated investment research firm, is pleased to announce that it has now added a monthly shortlist of investment candidates to its research offering available from 1st June 2017.

In addition to full periodic reports on companies we believe are undervalued, each month we will now send our subscribers concise profiles on up to two investment candidates which have the potential to be good investment opportunities with good risk/reward profiles.

Every month Reid Green & Co will examine dozens of investment possibilities and alert our subscribers to the most compelling ideas potentially being undervalued by the market.  In each profile we will give our initial assessment of the opportunity, and provide our subscribers with a strong starting point for further research.

Commenting Joash Reid, Reid Green & Co Managing Director, said: “In addition to our core reports on the best undervalued companies we have to offer, by alerting our subscribers to additional strong investment candidates on a regular basis we can add significant value to the process of investment idea generation. 

As Reid Green & Co expands and refines it ability to generate investment ideas, we can now expose our subscribers to more good investment ideas via our monthly shortlist without compromising on the quality that is expected from us.”



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